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If you are moving out or in a rented accommodation in Greater lexington or you are selling your home why don't you give us a ring and ask for our end of tenancy cleaning. Make sure your property doesn't remain unoccupied for long by keeping it looking good. Or you might need to get your deposit back. We can do an intense post/pre-tenancy cleaning in a day, leaving your property in the best possible condition
Moving can be stressful, Country Home Cleaning, will handle all of the deep cleaning that needs to be done to make your home shine.
Our End of Tenancy cleaning services include:
Kitchen- removing all grease and grime; cleaning of all the kitchen appliances from inside and outside-fridge, freezer, microwave, oven/cooker, washing machine, dishwasher etc.;cleaning of all the kitchen cupboards from inside and outside; scrub, descale and disinfect sink, taps, tiles and floor; cleaning and wiping all of the kitchen surfaces.
Bathroom and Toilets- scrubbing, descaleing, disinfecting and deodorizing of the bathtub, sink, shower, shower screen, tiles, floor and toilet; cleaning of the bathroom cabinets, mirrors and windows.
All Rooms- cleaning, dusting and vacuuming; dusting and polishing of the window sills, woodwork, shelves, skirting boards; vacuuming of the carpets and washing floors throughout, cleaning of all the mirrors and windows from inside.
We are confident that we can provide an excellent quality service

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